First Principles Advisory offers custom technical consulting services and standardized forecasts for electricity and other related market products. The company specializes in running advanced computer models that optimize the investment and operational decisions of the bulk electric power grid. When implemented correctly, these fundamental models generate insights that help regulators, utilities, project developers, and other industry stakeholders improve their understanding on how today’s grid operates and how the grid of the future is likely to perform for a variety of economic and public policy scenarios. First Principles uses two versions of these fundamental models: (1) commercial and (2) open-source. The company’s primary area of focus is on the WECC region.

The priority for First Principles Advisory is to provide its clients with greater clarity on the business landscape and empower them to execute informed decisions by accounting for all material and relevant factors. By providing insights and tools that improve situational awareness and decision-making capabilities, First Principles Advisory enables its clients to take decisive action in a market environment that is becoming more challenging while still preserving appropriate risk management policies.